Sheck Wes

Sheck Wes

Sheck Wes

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Sheck Wes is a rapper that signed to GOOD Music aka Kanye West’s label. Despite being a featured artist on Astro World I have never checked out his album or music. He released his studio album called  Mudboy back in 2018.

I actually knew Sheck Wes through a Kanye West’s  Nebuchadnezzar show. To be honest, a lot of people have different views on this biblically-based opera, The Guardian labelled it as “folly”, Rolling Stone also has a similar view but considering I am not seeing it myself, I think he has an effort. But again Kanye has been interested with the whole biblical theme things, you could see with the recent released of Jesus is King.

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But, we are going to look closely on Sheck Wes’s music a little bit. He is famous for the track called Mo Bamba which it actually reminds me of younger Kanye West, his music is totally someone that Kanye would collaborate. Although probably its the old Kanye that would collaborate with Sheck Wes, considering most of his lyrics are containing explicit lyrics. I could conclude this opinion based on Kanye’s interview with Beats as he got a count on swearing.

Probably, I am in a phase on not listening to hyped-up songs, so I would say that I am not listening to Sheck’s Wes music that much, but maybe in the future, I would listen to more of the songs by Sheck Wes. But, I would say that Mudboy is a decent first album by Sheck Wes!

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