Jung Jin Hyeong Trace 2019

Jung Jin Hyeong Trace 2019

Jung Jin Hyeong Trace

Jun Jin Hyeong Trace 2019.png

Jung Jin Hyeong is back with another EP called Trace, the ex-YG trainee released 3 tracks with this EP. 2019 has been a busy year for Jun Jin Hyeong, as previously with SOAR. On this EP, Jun Jin Hyeong collaborated with Coogie and Moon.

All the tracks from Trace are produced by GXXD, I personally think that Jun Jin Hyeong is now mostly in charge with his productions, which I don’t think TV stations will allow the songs played. But to be fair, I would say it is a decent 3 tracks EP, Late Time featuring Moon is probably my favourite song from this EP.

But there you go a very short review on this EP, I would say that all tracks are actually equally amazing, GXXD is an amazing producer, GXXD is a producer duo coming from Million Market, Vangdale and Seyoung. I would like to see more of the collaboration of the artists in the future.

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