EXO Obsession 2019

EXO Obsession 2019

EXO Obsession

exo obsession.jpg

EXO’s Obsession is finally here, it is their sixth album to date, the album has 10 tracks with Obsession in Chinese version is the 10th track. EXO has been busy with their member this year, as Baekhyun and Kai is part of Super M and Chanyeol and Sehun making their EP, What a Life.


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Sadly, with Obsession, EXO is not able to come back in full team, Lay, Xiumin, and D.O. are not part of the recent comeback, as Xiumin and D.O. are currently doing their military service, while Lay has been busy with his solo activities.

Overall, I think EXO’s Obsession has a darker tone compared to their previous releases. I think Obsession is a cool track, the music video is exceeding my expectation, while I think it’s related to their third track Jekyll. This is the first time that I think most of their songs are good, probably that EXO is going darker with the whole concept.

Trouble is also part of my favourite song from this album as well, I think the concepts actually reminds me a lot of Don’t Mess Up My Tempo a lot.  I guess I could see why the fans are going crazy for this album.


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