Nipsey Hussle Received 3 Grammy’s Nominations

Nipsey Hussle Received 3 Grammy’s Nominations


Some people said that your saying are your prayers. Nipsey Hussle who died last March 31, 2019, after receiving at least 10 gunshots passed away. Recently Nipsey Hussle Received 3 Grammy’s Nominations, for two songs, Racks In the Middle and Higher featuring DJ Khaled.

Higher Nipsey
Higher Nipsey

Interestingly on the lyrics Racks In The Middle, he rapped ‘Grammy-nominated, in the sauna sheddin’ tears‘. So to all Nipsey Hussle team and family congratulations for the posthumous nominations of Nipsey Hussle, he will be remembered.  I would say for all his career, Nipsey Hussle is such a great artist on wiring cool songs, so the Grammy nominations are truly something that Nipsey Hussle really deserved it.  We are going to look a little bit on his one and only+last album, Victory Lap.

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While back in 2018, Victory Lap is the only debut and only studio album by Nipsey Hussle. You might know that I am a fan of Last Time That I Checc’d, Right Hand 2 God and Dedication featuring Kendrick Lamar. We all going to miss such a great artist like Nipsey Hussle.

I would say I agree with the scoring system given by various reviewers like AllMusic, HipHopDX and many others. I really love the flow on this album, it might be a little different on listening to the album after the artist passed. But overall, I am interested in how Nipsey Hussle is actually writing songs on “hustle” life.

Last but not least, despite Victory Lap is not able to get Grammy Nominations for 2020, or even it did not get a nomination for Grammy 2019, I would say he won a lot of people’s heart and that’s what matters the most. We are going to miss you Nipsey Hussle.

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