Denzel Curry Zuu 2019

Denzel Curry Zuu 2019

Denzel Curry Zuu

denzel curry zuu.jpg

Denzel Curry released his album Zuu on May 2019, the album clearly really different from his last album Ta13ooIt might be a little late to look on this Zuu album, yet recently Denzel Curry just released his Speedboat music video. And I would say it is not too late to review the album Zuu before the end of the year.

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Moreover, the album has 12 tracks with various featured artists from Kiddo Marv to Tay Keith. Many of these artists are unfamiliar to me, yet I think the album is really exciting, although I recently know that Tay Keith is the producer behind the song, Sicko Mode by Travis Scott. The album gave me a different image of Denzel Curry in terms of his personality and his artistry.

The album, Zuu also received such a high decent score from various music reviewers, a decent score of distinction to high distinction scores were given. To be honest, the album Zuu is shorter than Ta13oo it’s only 29 minutes in total. I personally that having an under 30 mins album is really fun to listen to.

I would say that Speedboat and Automatic are my favourite songs from the album. I personally think that because Speedboat and Automatic were produced by Tay Keith, hence they have a more cohesive sound. Let us know what do you think about Denzel Curry’s Zuu on the comment section below.

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