Jhené Aiko Trip 2017

Jhené Aiko Trip 2017

Jhené Aiko Trip

jhene aiko trip.jpg

Jhené Aiko’s Trip is her second album that was released back in 2017, the album has 22 tracks songs. The album contains production from frequent collaborators Dot da Genius, Fisticuffs, No I.D. and Key Wane, along with several other record producers such as Amaire Johnson, Frank DukesBenny BlancoCashmere Cat and Mike Zombie.

I really love Jhené Aiko’s moody’s voice, in fact, it really what makes you tethered to her songs a lot. I would say I have several songs that I am in love with. Starting from the first track, LSD which derived from Lysergic acid diethylamide. I think the album, Trip is having certain dark elements which Jhené turned to be a beautiful dark twisted fantasy. For example, the track Jukai, which actually known as the Aokigahara.

I really love the third track, While We’re Young I think the song is really connected with young people’s lives and love. Would say that the combination of hip-hop and R&B really fused well with Jhené Aiko’s voice. I would say I love Miguel and Jhené Aiko at the same time.


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I really love the freestyle tracks on this album, last but not least the song Never Call Me has two versions, first is the Slauson Hills and second is the Asian version. The Slauson Hills featured the appearance of the late Nipsey Hustle, while the Asian version featured some Japanese culture fused together. I think it’s about distant love, and again I love Jhené’s singing rapping skills.

And there you go my short thoughts on Jhené Aiko’s Trip.

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