Blue. D

Blue. D

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Blue. D is a YGX artist, she is actually has featured on few songs from YG Entertainment. She is known to be part of Seungri’s Love Is You which is part of The Great Seungri album, GroovyRoom’s This Night, Song Minho’s Um… which is part of the XX album and Eun Ji Won’s I’m On Fire. Blue. D was born Jeon Hoyeon (전호연) on June 1 2000, so she is such a young artist to check.

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Furthermore, in case you are not familiar with her voice, Blue. D has a SoundCloud account which you need to check it out. Most of her songs are cover songs from artists like Khalid to Kehlani, but she did upload some of her written songs, which I really love it.

Overall, I really think that Blue. D is definitely one of YGX’s gems, earlier other YGX artist, VIINI released his first EP, Dimension and Zayvo with Collection. Overall, despite not being the best year for YG Entertainment and out from the Big 3 Agencies incomes, I have to say that YG artists songs are amazing.

I have created Blue. D’s SoundCloud playlist, the songs are based from her own songs, not the covered one. I am looking forward to her Nobody’s release featuring MINO. I actually like the track Rose, from her SoundCloud account, I think the sound is really cool and could be part of her album.

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