Wow… That’s Crazy Wale 2019

Wow… That’s Crazy Wale 2019

Wow… That’s Crazy Wale

Wow... That's Crazy Wale 2019.jpg

The artist Wale released his album last 11 October 2019 titled Wow… That’s Crazy, it is his sixth studio album. For some kids who are from Asia, they are might not really familiar with Wale, but Wale is really such a legend. Wale himself is the guys behind the song like Lotus Flower Bomb featuring Miguel.

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The album, Wow… That’s Crazy also featured numerous artists like Pink Sweat$, 6black, Boogie, Ari Lennox, Bryson Tiller and many others. I feel like Wale is the perfect example of hip-hop and R&B became one.  There are tracks my favourite like Love… (Her Fault), Cliché, 50 In Da House. The song, Love… (Her Fault) featuring Bryson Tiller is my favourite. The song is chill, romantic but, doesn’t lose the swag of the song. I guess Love… (Her Fault) is the sister of the song, Cliché featuring Ari Lennox. The song, Cliché has really had that R&B vibes that I think is perfect for any mood of the day.

The song, 50 In Da House featured Pink Sweat$’s vocal and rap, I think Pink Sweat$’s music style actually reminds me of Wale’s style. Don’t forget to check out Pink Sweat$’s latest collaboration with Crush here. I think similar to the other 2 songs that are my favourite 50 In Tha House has a chill vibe that I think perfect for all mood.

But at the same time, there is also a track that is the polar opposite of the song Love… (Her Fault), the song Routine is more upbeat and powerful, it featured Meek Mill’s powerful rap. Although it’s probably not going to be my favourite song from this album, but I think it is such a good song.

And there you go, my short review on Wale’s Wow… That’s Crazy.

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