Lil Pump Harverd Dropout 2019

Lil Pump Harverd Dropout

Lil Pump Herverd Dropout.jpeg

Before 2019 ended soon, I would like to review Lil Pump’s Harverd Dropout album that I missed out on checking the day it released. The album featured numerous artists like Smokepurpp, Lil WayneOffset and Kanye West and many others.

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Now, the album contained Kanye’s last release before Jesus Is King, which I think is the central point of this album. The song, I Love It is also Lil Pump’s second famous track after Gucci Gang. As for me, the song does not have any deep meaning, but it is a fun song to listen to. Some of Kanye’s expressions are way too funny as well. Moreover, I do think that Lil Pump is really good at making addictive song.

lil pump kanye west I Love It.gif

I personally think that the songs from Harverd Dropout do not have any particularly deep meaning, the album Harverd Dropout also received a various score from professional music reviewers. I personally would say that Lil Pump’s music is not cup of my tea, however, I do think that he is really good at making songs that have the chance to be viral.

Be Like Me featuring Lil Wayne is also a unique track that everyone should be looking to. I think the song is really fun, and it really the song that picturing the perfect Lil Pump’s character. And there you go my short thoughts on Harverd Dropout.

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