B.I SoundCloud

B.I SoundCloud

B.I SoundCloud

B.I SoundCloud.jpeg

Kim Hanbin or B.I, the talented leader of IKON is loved by everyone. Although his departure from the group following the scandal in 2019, Kim Hanbin’s arts are being preserved safely by the fans from his SoundCloud account.

B.I and many other YG trainee/artists are known to have their own SoundCloud. IKON’s collaborator YAWAH who wrote Killing Me that is part of IKON’s latest album and Choi Raesung are present on Kim Hanbin’s SoundCloud. Sadly, as it is reported B.I. deleted all of his demos except one. That particular track that laid under 131 (B.I’s official account) is 잘있어 or Take Care in the literal meaning.


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Former YG trainee, Noa Kazama also has his own SoundCloud account, check out Noa’s latest SoundCloud upload, Fire Work. As non-super fan please let me know if I wrote something wrong. Overall, the fans should not worry about B.I’s future, he got a big bright future, he is talented and very good at writing which means, B.I will have a great journey after everything is done. I really love to Take Care, by the way, it is sad that we are not going to see any B.I solo album soon, but I hope in the future we are going to see the album.


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