MINO’s New Song

MINO’s New Song

MINO's New Song.gif

Recently on the episode of New Journey To The West 7, there was a brief moment where it appears to be Song Minho’s or MINO’s new song. Well, I personally it was part of his album XX that was released last year. Although at first, I think that the song reminds me of Um.. featuring Blue. D a singer from the YGX. But, it turns out, the song is a totally new song. The female vocalist seems to be Blue. D, but I am not sure who is she.

MINO also quickly charting on all over South Korean search website. MINO has recently been one of the most popular artists in South Korea, he also featured in YG Entertainment’s other artists like JINU, Lee Hi and many others. MINO is solidifying himself as a solo artist but as a member of WINNER who recently made a comeback with an EP Cross. MINO also covered the December issue of GQ Korea. Well, can’t wait for the new song, MINO!


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