Lo-Life Crew

Lo-Life Crew


lo life crew
images courtesy of Rack-Lo. Through Complex

POLO RALPH LAUREN LO-LIFE CREWYou might see a lot of rappers are actually showing with a preppy style of Ralph Lauren, even artists like Drake and Kanye were once spotted with this cutie pie of Polo Ralph Lauren clothing. You might know that I recently purchase the bucket hat that featured the teddy bear.

First I got it because it starts to get hot in Melbourne and I just want to have a shopping spree. Secondly, I did not look good with a “ball cap” aka baseball cap due to my round face and lastly, I do think that the bear is cute and cool at the same time. But, the history of this bear and Polo Ralph Lauren is longer than you think. It started by a group called Lo-Life in the 1980s.


Based on the sources like VICE and Complex I would conclude that Lo-Life is probably the most stylish gang I have ever seen. Firstly, they do look cool with that preppy style. I would say that Lo-Life is actually bringing the two different world together. Some of their members also releasing some music too, which I linked down as well.


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The whole thing was started through a hard life, as Polo Ralph Lauren is the image of the “crown” or the luxury epitome for everybody. But according to a documentary of Complex, it turned out that Ralph Lauren did not even play Polo, in fact, he took the name Polo because Polo is the sport for the wealthy people. The brand later became the aspiration for the Lo-Life crew, as Polo represents the status symbol. It would probably similar to most of the rappers are having their own Rolex. Later on, you might shock that Lo-Life reached Japan as well.

I think the whole world is super interesting, it’s all seems connected but it’s not, it’s similar but it’s not. But, thanks to Lo-Life though Polo Ralph Lauren gained its own place in the hip-hop industry.

Documentary of Lo Life


Thirstin Howl the 3rd 

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