Doja Cat Hot Pink 2019

Doja Cat Hot Pink 2019

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Doja Cat just released her album, Hot Pink last 7 November 2019. I did review some of Doja Cat’s music here. I have to be honest that I knew Doja Cat from her track called Moo. Which I think the song was super funny and ridiculous at the same time and during her interview with Genius she was inspired by cows. I personally think that Moo is really such a meme-able song. But got to be honest that her songs are now listenable.

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On the album Hot Pink, Doja Cat has several featured artists from Smino, Gucci Mane and Tyga. I think the song Rules is really a cool song, despite I think that Doja Cat’s music is not my style, but when I’m going crazy or having fun, I think the song is super fun to listen to. In a way, Doja Cat reminds me of Cardi B, in a good way. I would say that the track Juicy featuring Tyga is also another fun track to listen to.

I think without explaining a lot, most people are going to understand the meaning of Juicy. But I would say that most of her songs are still fun to listen to, my other favourite song from Hot Pink album is Shine. Overall, I would say that Hot Pink is so much better than her previous release. I have to agree with Pitchfork that giving Hot Pink a decent rate of 7.4/10.

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