ONE PVRT 01 2019



Following his departure from YG Entertainment, ONE has decided to create his own agencies for his own future activities. ONE has considered being successful with his released on ONE DAY in 2017. However, since those two songs released ONE has not released any new music. He did drop a couple of mixtapes. And finally ONE released his EP called PRVT 01, or maybe that people can translate it as Private.

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The EP consisted of 16 tracks, for which I think PRVT 01 is a decent EP, considering that in the previous time ONE only happened to a released couple of tracks. I would say that PRVT 01 is a resurgence of ONE’s image from a “cute” or “pretty boy” as an artist himself. I believe that with his departure from YG Entertainment ONE also able to have more freedom regarding his artistic director.

I really think that PVRT 01 is starting to show ONE’s other side as a hip-hop artist in South Korea, I would say that ONE’s image actually reminds me a lot of DEAN, I would not lie that actually ONE has a good looking face that actually could be his advantage for his concert. Fans actually waiting for ONE and CL collaboration, this due to the track called GZB, but unfortunately, it did not happen. GZB is like the “baddest female” in South Korea. I would say that from this PRVT 01, Last Cigarette is my favourite.

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