Rapper ZICO has released the second part of his LP ‘THINKING’.
After releasing the first part in September, he’s now presenting five tracks to complete the LP.
In only 5 songs, ZICO shows different music colours.

Starting with an upbeat track featuring his old friend and same crew member Penomeco, ‘another level’ is a trendy song with the right amount of autotune.


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The title track  ’Being left’, starts as a ballad and ZICO’s soft rap blends perfectly with the featuring artist Dvwn’s voice to express melancholy. The music video stars veteran actress Ok Bae Jong.

ZICO also uploaded a Studio Live version of the song with Dvwn and Brighten Light:

The third track is filled with lyrics describing what it feels to live trapped inside a ‘Dystopia’ (the name of the song).

Balloon is under “pop-rap” category on music sites. Labelling music is not my favourite thing to do, and with THINKING being a “Hip Hop” album with different styles on every song, is very difficult. Judge for yourselves while watching the animated music video of the song:

As difficult as it is to label this album, the last song, ‘The language of flowers’, is definitely a ballad, featuring JeHwi’s sweet voice.

After debuting as a K-pop idol with Block B in 2011 and releasing his first solo single ‘Tough Cookie (Feat. Don Mills) in 2014, ZICO always proved himself as a trendy rapper and producer. With the release of THINKING, he shows that he has many things he wants to share with the public, and even though he’s only 27 years old, it’s easy to see how he matured as an artist. ZICO’s Thinking Part 1.

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Listen to THINKING Part.2 on Spotify:

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