punchnello doodle (Feat. Yerin Baek) 2019

punchnello  doodle (Feat. Yerin Baek)

punchnello  doodle – Non-Album Single

punchnello  doodle

punchnello - 'doodle (Feat. Yerin Baek).jpg

Punchnello released doodle with Baek Ye-Rin, the music video was released in a doodle form, the song doodle was produced by Woogie. 2019 has been both busy for Punchnello and Baek Ye-Rin, Baek Ye-Rin recently announced her departure from JYP Entertainment, earlier this year she released Our Love Is Great as her last EP with JYP Entertainment.


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On the other hand, Punchnello who has been busy himself and the winner of Show Me the Money season 8. I really think that doodle is a perfect song for you to chill out, and I think the whole illustration explained the whole meaning of the song. I personally think that Baek Ye-Rin’s voice really complements Punchnello’s rapping here. I would totally recommend doodle for you guys and don’t forget to support AOMG, who recently wrapped up their Sign Here show.

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