Far East Movement Free Wired 2010

Far East Movement Free Wired 2010

Far East Movement Free Wired

Another album review throwback with Far East Movement’s Free Wired

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It’s almost a decade since Far East Movement released their album Free Wired. I was totally a kid when Like A G6 was released. Far East Movement is clearly one of the few Asian-American music groups that making it in the Western world. Last 2018, I did post a brief about Far East Movement‘s latest album Identity. But my most memorable album from Far East Movement got to be Free Wired.

But taking a little throwback on Free Wired that filled with songs like Rocketeer featuring Ryan Tedder and Ruff Loaderz is really a major throwback for me. I have been listening to Far East Movement since I was in high school and here I am one step away from my university graduation.

The album also featured artists like Keri Hilson and Snoop Dogg few of hip-hop and R&B legends in the States. And I totally can’t wait for what Far East Movement is going to bring to the table soon, according to Young Post, Far East Movement upcoming project will involve more on Chinese artists. I think it is going to interesting, and hopefully can’t wait for the release! Let us know what is your favourite song from Far East Movement’s Free Wired album.

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