Cyncerely, C3 King Combs 2019

Cyncerely, C3 King Combs 2019

Cyncerely, C3 King Combs

Cyncerely, C3 King Combs.jpg

King Combs or Christian Casey Combs is P. Diddy or Sean Combs’ son, hence no wonder that he followed his dad’s step on the music industry. Back in 2018, I did write about King Combs in a short article here. Personally, I think that King Combs showed a lot of artistry and diverse personality. Cyncerely, C3 is King Combs’ first long EP that also featured rapper Ty Dolla $ign.

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There are few younger rappers like Jaden Smith that actually following Will Smith’s path on the music industry before making it big in the movie industry. I think King Combs showed a lot of “swag” on this Cycnerely, C3 EP.

I personally love the track Good To Ya that featured Ty Dolla $ign, I think the song is very easy listening. 2019 has been a busy year for King Combs too, he featured on Teyana Taylor’s music How You Want It? What I like about King Combs’ swag is that the coolness came naturally. He also featured on Quincy’s Option and last but not least King Combs appeared on Bentley Trucks by Tank God.

But again, these days a lot of hip-hop artists outside the States is actually making it huge, so I think as a young rapper King Combs does has a bunch of competitors, but I think he has the talent to do well. He did release the music video for Heaven Sent from Cyncerely, C3 which I think really pictured him as P. Diddy’s son, but despite the privilege as Puff Daddy’s son I think that Cyncerely, C3 showing how well King Combs will do in the rap scene.

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