Blueface Dirt Bag 2019

Blueface Dirt Bag 2019

Blueface Dirt Bag

Blueface Dirt Bag 2019.jpeg

Rapper Blueface released his EP called Dirt Bag in last August, the EP also featured rappers like Offset from Migos, Rich the Kid, Lil Pump, Mozzy and the legend, The Game. Dirt Bag composed of 8 songs.

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Blueface’s style is probably not my cup of tea, but he is part of XXL Freshman in 2019, so there must be a reason why he is one to watch in 2019. I personally think that Blueface got the swag and I think that what makes him Blue Face.

I think considering people has compared him to E-40, I guess if you are an E-40’s fans, this EP Dirt Bag should be the one for you, I personally in the zone that no need swag, but I don’t know I might change my mind the future, like I don’t hate this Dirt Bag EP. But let us know what do you think about Dirt Bag EP on the comment section below.

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