Big Bang Flower Road 2018

Big Bang Flower Road

Big Bang Flower Road

Big Bang Flower Roar was a goodbye song when each member started their military service back in 2017-2018. It was a beautiful song that talked about the promos that Big Bang members promised to the fans. Despite not being the biggest K-Pop fans, I do think that the bond between the fans and the idols are really visible in K-Pop industry.

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Big Bang’s T.O.P discharged last July 2019, which I didn’t not able to find a photo of him wearing military clothes. G Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung discharged within weeks apart. I think V.I.Ps (Big Bang’s fandom name) have wait for a while and can’t wait for their next come back. I really think that not a lot of group are actually putting one last song together as a group before their enlistment, so I think Flower Road is the coolest gift from an artist to the fans.

Along the years, G-Dragon has released albums such as Coup d’Etat and Kwon Ji Yong that amazed the international fans. While Taeyang has hypnotized the fans with his voice through the albums like SOLAR and White Night. Clearly, it was not a 100 per cent a good time as Seungri announce his departure from Big Bang and the entertainment industry, his last released was The Great Seungri, and Big Bang MADE could be the last time Big Bang releasing an album as 5 members. But I do think that they will always be family outside Big Bang, so I don’t think the fans should worry about it that much.

But I really appreciate on every works Big Bang has put out for the K-Pop industry and hoping that they will have their own Flower Path back as soon as possible. I think the fact that they did one last song before their enlistment was the coolest thing I ever knew, although I am probably not an avid fan.

많이 울기도 했지만 웃은 일도 많아
내 머릿속 안에는 추억이 너무 많아
이 또한 지나갈 테니까
이 다음에 만나요 꽃이 피면

I cried a lot but there were a lot of things to laugh about to
Inside my head, there are too many memories
This too shall pass
Let’s meet next time, when the flowers bloom

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