AJ Tracey 2019

AJ Tracey 2019

AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey 2019.jpeg

AJ Tracey released his first studio album titled by his name, AJ Tracey. The album got 20 tracks where it is also featured other British rappers like MoStack, Not3s and Giggs. I personally loving AJ Tracey’s delivery, you might familiar with AJ Tracey on my blog through Football and Grime section. Although AJ Tracey has been active in Grime industry since 2009, he just released his first solo album 10 years after his debut. Although it took a long time for the fans, this name titled album did not disappoint at all.


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AJ Tracey’s debut album also receiving praising from Pitchfork and other music blogs. The Line of Best Fit described AJ Tracey as the future British rap scene. I personally think that AJ Tracey himself is confident about his skills on the rapping scene. NME also praised AJ Tracey’s artistic approach as somewhat refreshing, and I do think so, the grime that he produced is very approachable for those who have not listened to grime music.

Overall, I think this album is a decent debut album for AJ Tracey, I really like the confidence that he showed for the fans. But this debut album is not only showing AJ Tracey’s confidence but his artistry on approaching other genres, grime, dancehall, soca, garage and even rap-infused country. Let us know who is your favourite British rapper on the comment section below. I personally would like to recommend AJ Tracey’s debut album to you guys, hopefully you guys are able to enjoy this album as much as I do.

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