Satica dear april, ily 2019

Satica dear april, ily

dear april, ily

satica dear april, ily.jpg

Satica is one of Asian-American artist that captured my heart through Kevin Nishimura post. I am personally loving Satica’s voice right after listening to snippets of her track Ode to LBC that is part of her dear april, ily EP. It’s a track that she dedicated to her hometown where she grew up, but also a fusion of her Cambodian background. Overall, I would say that Satica’s dear april, ily is an EP that everyone should keep an eye on.

I really appreciate for those Asian-American like Tiffany Young, MC Jin and G Yamazawa for trying out in America as a musician. But what very interesting from the EP dear april, ily by Satica is that she also paying tribute to her Cambodian background on the music Ode to LBC although LBC stands for Long Beach California.

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But dear april, ily is more than just its music, quoting from elicit magazine, Satica opens up about her life as a child of immigrant parents in the States. She dedicated the track Check$ for both of her parents who survived the  Khmer Rouge genocide for her to have a better life in America. Satica also talked about the origin of the name April came from her brother who took inspiration from Ninja Turtle.

And I think that not a lot of people actually appreciate the artists of Asian-American community, by far for me after listening to their songs and interview there are tons of Asian-American who went through so much without the fans are actually knowing. And I think there are a lot of Asian music that we need to pay more attention! Love you Satica and your EP dear april, ily.

My favourite tracks from Satica’s dear april, ily EP are Ode to LBC, Who’s Protecting Me? and Check$. Let us know what is your favourite track from this EP.

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