G Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker

G-Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker

G-Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker

G-Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker is a compilation album, I’ve been making throwback released with Taeyang’s previous releases, like RISE, HOT and SOLAR.


g-dragon coup d'etat + one of a kind & heartbreaker.jpeg

G Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker is actually G-Dragon’s compilation album that supposed to be his first Japanese album years back. But, this compilation album is actually really helpful as you can’t really find the Heartbreaker EP on Spotify. G Dragon is a clear K-Pop legend without breaking Youtube views, what he has done is breaking the boundaries. Thanks to Psy, BIGBANG and 2NE1 K-Pop are now being more accepted by the Western world.

G Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker compiled G Dragon’s famous songs like Crayon, Niliria featuring Missy Elliot, Coup d’Etat, Crooked and That XX that the music video also featured Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK. Fast forward this was actually G-Dragon’s album and EPs that released before Kwon Ji Yong EP back in 2016/2017, which you can see the impact of G-Dragon’s musical career in South Korean music industry. This album also featured G-Dragon’s longtime friend and bandmates Taeyang.


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I was actually in love with numerous songs from Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker, let’s say Crooked that is perfect for a miserable time, Window is probably the track that is a bit underrated but it’s still worth it to listen to. But again, I really impressed on how G-Dragon actually put a lot of experimentation towards these songs and got to say thank you that G-Dragon brought back the hip-hop sensation in Asia. A lot of Korean rappers are also being inspired by G Dragon, for example, Bewhy.

G Dragon.gif

2019, might be the most difficult year for YG Entertainment, not only because of the accusation that being targetted to their specific artists, but CL also left the company which I think that’s good for both sides CL and YG. I mean it’s been a while since CL release new music. But also it’s because G-Dragon is back from his military service.

We are going to see another G-Dragon impact in the K-Pop industry, which I think could possibly “save” the company’s image. G-Dragon also remarks on his status with his recent collaboration with Nike. Alright without further a due, my favourite songs from this G-Dragon Coup d’Etat + One of a Kind & Heartbreaker album are Black for both Korean versions that featured Jennie Kim and Japanese version that featured Park Bom, Crooked, Crayon and The Leaders that featured CL. The song, The Leaders is actually still of K-Pop’s best anthem until this day, the song picturing two strong leaders from BIGBANG and 2NE1 at that time. It was such unfortunate news when 2NE1 disbanded.

It’s clearly has been a while since the K-Pop has not heard anything from G Dragon and clearly, this Coup d’Etat,  One of a King and Heartbreaker album review is actually a clear throwback for what G Dragon had done throughout his career.  Let us know what do you think about Coup d’etat, One of a Kind and Heartbreaker on the comment section below.

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