Benny Blanco Juice WRLD Graduation 2019

Benny Blanco Juice WRLD Graduation

Benny Blanco Juice WRLD Graduation

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This song, Graduation was released back in August 2019, the song was inspired from a high school life, which I think Juice Wrld and Benny Blanco able to translated it well. For those who are not able to move on from their high school years just like me, this song is perfect for you.

Along the years, I feel like I just realised that I did not mature enough to choose everything for my life, ended up living in Australia at the moment, I miss a lot of my friends that I was not able to talk as much as it used to. Some of my friends have changed a lot. I don’t even know what will I do next. I am so scared, not ready about the next chapter of my life. I really thought that the whole thing in life is a total vague.

This song is really reminiscence my high school life without the whole crazy things happened in the music video. I would like to thanks all my friends who already listening to me along the years, and replying my non-sense chat. Graduation by Juice Wrld and Benny Blanco also incorporate Graduation (Friends Forever)” by¬†Vitamin C.

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