Baekhyun City Lights (EP) 2019

Baekhyun City Lights (EP) 2019

Baekhyun City Lights

City Lights (EP) baekhyun.jpeg

Actually, I am a general K-Pop fan, I am not really stanning particular group, but I do interested with sub-group and solo artists, considering I am bad at memorising members. Baekhyun a member of EXO whom I knew from EXO-CBX is actually releasing his EP, City Lights last July 2019. I believe that City Lights is filled with R&B and hip-hop vibes and so I really like the EP.

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There are names like Cha Cha Malone, Beenzino and Colde whom I am very familiar with. Overall, I could say that City Lights by Baekhyun is a decent EP. To be honest that I am expecting him to participate in writing the lyrics more for this City Lights EP, which I think could be more put a lot of thoughts and depths. Because I know that Baekhyun himself has been credited on EXO’s music like Ko Ko Bop.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that City Lights EP is still one of Baekhyun’s best releases just yet. I am also a fan of UN Village which I think is a really good song, I could say that Stay Up featuring Beenzino is my next favourite from City Lights EP. I would say that a lot of SM artists are actually not participating in writing their songs, but I am still ok with it.

I really hope that in the future other EXO members are able to release their EP or album too, maybe I could put up Lay as my next album review. I am glad that they do have sub-group like EXO-SC and EXO-CBX.

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