Suboi is a Vietnamese rapper that everyone should keep an eye on.


I would love to introduce to you, Suboi a badass female rapper from Vietnam. Welcome to my blog, where all continents are approved. Suboi is a female rapper born in Hon Chi Minh, Vietnam. Her stage name, Suboi came from “Su” being her nickname at home and “boi” given to her by friends due to her tomboy personality.

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Suboi also present on 88rising post back in 2016 and is regarded as “Vietnamese Rap Queen”  I personally think that Suboi is really a cool person. In 2019, Suboi released 2 music videos N-SAO? and Cho Không, I also linked every recent released from Suboi below. And she got her own music label, isn’t it cool?

She is such a strong lady that I think everyone should forward a lot, don’t forget to check out for more music from another part of the world like Brazil, France, Philippines and Thailand here. What are OTHER? Other is a section where I put out music in Tagalog, Thai, French and even Portuguese languages. For me, there are 3 genres that are making it big in the Western countries, those are J-Pop, Mandarin and K-Pop that’s why OTHER is specially curated for you guys. As I am from Indonesia, therefore there is the Indonesian section which contained most of the Indonesian artists.

But again, don’t forget to check out Suboi, and support her for her next releases. I personally think that CL should collaborate with her, let’s show the world how strong Asian women are.

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