Nao Saturn 2018

Nao Saturn 2018

Nao Saturn

Nao Saturn is a second album by the singer Neo Jessica Joshua that was released back in 2018.

Nao Saturn.jpg

You might hear or may not hear Nao before, I think she is an amazing R&B singer from the UK, Nao’s voice is a must for those who love SZA, Ama Lou, Jorja Smith and Maya Hirasedo. For me, Nao is one of the few artists that is a frequent collaborator with British producer, Mura Masa, I really think that the collaboration of Nao with Mura Masa is such a cool piece.

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Back in 2018, Nao released her second album titled Saturn, the album is filled 13 amazing R&B tracks. You could see tracks that are related to space like When Saturn Returns (track 4), Orbit (track 7), Saturn (track 5) and Yellow of the Sun (track 12). I really love the album, and again it is a really fair review of the album. Saturn also featured SiR as one of the featured artists here.

I would totally recommend this Saturn album for those who are looking for a chill-out song, and I think this album is totally worth it for you guys. I think that Nao’s voice is really unique, is somewhat cute but it’s really lovely at the same time. My favourite song from this Saturn album is actually Make it Out Alive featuring SiR. I really think that the track Make It Out Alive from this Saturn album is a really sweet song. According to Metacritic, Saturn album received a decent score of 83.

My other favourite songs from this Saturn album that should be on your playlists are Orbit, Curiosity, Don’t Change and A Life Like This. I personally agree with Metacritic votes that this Saturn album is a decent album.

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