Kid Fresino Ai Qing 2018

Kid Fresino Ai Qing

Kid Fresino Ai Qing

Kid Fresino released Ai Qing back in November 2018, the Japanese rapper also featured in Levi’s advert last year.

Kid Fresino Ai Qing.jpeg

Kid Fresino’s Ai Qing is actually Kid Fresino’s 4th album in total. Interestingly, ài qíng could be translated as romantic. I’ve been putting my love towards Kid Fresino, firstly because I love his flow, and I also put up a post about Kid Fresino here. Kid Fresino has collaborated with IO as well.

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Although I know that is very hard to find the English literal meaning for this album, I could make sure that his flow is really the best. I would say that Coincidence and Arcades featuring NENE from Yurufuwa Gang are two of the best songs from Ai Qing album.

But there are gems from Ai Qing album itself, let’s say Way too Nice featuring JJJ, I think the track is super cool. And again I would say that Japanese hip-hop is really underrated, in fact I would say that there are some dope Japanese rappers out there. I would say Attention is another track as the hidden gem from this Ai Qing album, I could see why Levi choose him as one of the model.

Overall, I would like to recommend this Ai Qing album, I know it is a relatively short recommendation or review because it was so hard to find its English translations. But, I would say that there are hundreds of foreign artists that deserved all the attention that they should have.

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