Kiano Jones Unknown Future 2016

Kiano Jones Unknown Future 2016

Kiano Jones Unknown Future

Kiano Jones is one of few Japanese rappers that you really need to check out, his flow and lyrics are really cool. Back in 2016 the rapper released Unknown Future, which is also his first album. I also linked Kiano Jones’ Uknown Future album and videos.

kiano jones unknown future.jpeg

A little throwback to Kiano Jones’ Unknown Future. I personally think that he is one of the best Japanese rappers out there. Not too sure why Kiano Jones has not released any new solo songs, Kiano Jones actually featured on Neetz’s Figure Chord for the track Kiano’s Interlude.

For the record, Kiano Jones is one of the few Japanese rappers that I know other than KOHH, and I think Kiano Jones needs more exposure too. There are 12 tracks from Unknown Future album, in which my favourite tracks are Here. Alone, You Don’t Know What Love Is and Unknown Future itself. Kiano Jones also featured on the songs of the artists like IO and many more.

For the record, you could also follow Kiano Jones’ YouTube for more updates on his music video too, I feel like not a lot of people are actually paying attention to his videos, his videos are really cool, and I am reviewing this as fairly as I could. Let me know what do you think on this, Unknown Future album on the comment section below.

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