KANO Hoodies All Summer 2019

KANO Hoodies All Summer 2019

KANO Hoodies All Summer

British rapper, KANO recently released Hoodies All Summer, for those who are not familiar with KANO he is one of the best rappers from UK.

Hoodies All Summer KANO.jpg

In 2019, KANO released his album titled Hoodies All Summer. NME quoted that KANO’s release is really important for the GRIME industry. It is also being described that KANO’s Hoodies All Summer is a homage for children who are part of the broken society.


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KANO also part of UK’s Top Boy, which important for the Black community in the UK. I would say that it is interesting to see a lot of deep and meaningful lyrics in a song, I think lyrics are more important than a chart-topping song, although some people might disagree with me. I would say thanks to Drake to bring Top Boy back too.

I would say that Free Years Later, Teardrops and Trouble are my favourite tracks from this Hoodies All Summer album. I would say that Trouble short film from this album is a top-notch video that picturing today’s society. Anyways, that’s it for me, let us know what do you think about this Hoodies All Summer album, and check out Stormzy, Santan Dave and  Wretch 32 album review.

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