G Yamazawa Money is Time 2018

G Yamazawa Money is Time

G Yamazawa Money is Time

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It seems that people still have a narrow perspective towards Asian people, especially those were born and live abroad. We are going to look to another Asian-American rapper, G Yamazawa. We have look at MC Jin, Ricky Lee and recently China Mac. We are going to look forward to G Yamazawa’s Money Is Time, an album that he released back in 2018.


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Firstly, I know G Yamazawa for a while now, I was amazed by a show from NBC hosted by Jason Chu where he interviewed G Yamazawa about hip-hop in general and his view towards the genre. G Yamazawa also told Jason Chu on how he was drawn to poetry and thus poetry involved a lot in his musical career. Another conversation with G Yamazawa by Hyphen Magazine where I just found out that G Yamazawa performed at SXSW and having a tour with Dumbfoundead. To put it short, yes there is a lot of talented Asian-American musician out there that you need to check out.

Secondly, the reason why I put out a lot of Asian-American rappers these days because I see that people always put a general thought of Asian people being related to white-collar profession or submissive. And I don’t those are true, in fact, there are Asians out there that are very outspoken and very creative. To be honest, thanks to 88rising for bringing the Asian community bigger. But again, we are going to take a short look at G Yamazawa’s Money Is Time, it was a cool album for me.

To put it short, hip-hop is modern poetry, but it could be how you interpret this genre, or who are you listening to. Here’s is the reason why you need to check out G Yamazawa’s Money is Time, it’s more than just hip-hop music, but it’s also about hope. But inside the album, Money is Time, you could see the collaboration between Japanese and English song like in Buri Buri, the song featured Japanese rappers Miyachi and Pablo Blasta.

Just to say that Money is Time is a decent album, for those who have not to check it out, go check it out now! I have said many times that Japanese hip-hop is a bit underrated, but they do have some good ones, and here I am suggesting those good ones for you. My favourite tracks from Money is Time are We Made It, Buri Buri and Rap Money. With Rap Money you could listen to a shamisen, or a traditional Japanese guitar. Combining both traditional and modern music is such a cool thing to do.

From all the posts that I recently posted about Asian-American rappers, you could say that the hip-hop industry is a complicated industry. It’s not only an industry that particularly for African-American people, but it is for everyone. Although hip-hop was originated by African-American people, one thing for sure to survive for this game is to have your own identity and being genuine as much as you can.  Let us know what do you think about Money Is Time by G Yamazawa on the comment section below.

Let us know who is the next Asian-American rappers that you want us to post about! Thank you!

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