Frank Ocean Third Album

Frank Ocean Third Album

Frank Ocean Third Album, 2020

Frank Ocean recently released his single, In My Room and DHL that are going to be part of his third album.

frank ocean in my room.jpg

In 2019, Frank Ocean is back with his single called In My Room. The single was planned to be part of Frank Ocean’s third album that expected to be out in 2020. It’s been at least 3 years since Frank Ocean released his album, Blonde. Both songs were released back in October and a few days ago!

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The other rumoured singles are; Cayendo, Dear April and Little Demon. The songs that are being released by far for this third album are DHL and In My Room, which I think is super cool. I love on the R&B and hip-hop infusion at Frank Ocean’s songs, I found them really relaxing and chill and it was all about balance.

I personally in love with the two tracks from Frank Ocean, I can’t say much about what do I feel about the two songs by far, as both equally amazing. I can’t wait for the third album to be released. Before that check out for KOHH and Frank Ocean collaboration on a track called Nikes for Blonde. Let us know what do you think about In My Room and DHL.


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