ELO and Penomeco ODD EP 2019

ELO and Penomeco ODD EP 2019

ELO and Penomeco ODD

ELO and Penomeco ODD EP

Elo and Penomeco released a collaborative EP called ODD. Both artists are signed to Million Market, it’s fun to listen to collaborative work as Kanye and Kid Cudi has done it for Kids See Ghosts, Jay-Z and Kanye for Watch The Throne and even Linkin Park and Jay-Z have done it too. The EP is actually could be said collaboration between Million Market and AOMG. Million Market is the house for artists like Suran, MC Mong and Moon.

The ODD EP has 4 tracks and one of the tracks called Love also featured Gray from AOMG. I would say the track is super lovely and it is worth it to listen to the track from this ODD EP.


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I think guessing from the title tracks from this ODD EP, the fans of Korean hip-hop already know what are the main idea of this EP. Boy, Deep and View seem to represent love, but I would say the beats are on point, the track called Body actually reminds me of Sik-K and Coogie’s Wet the Bed from S.O.S EP, but I think it is the toned-down version.

But got to say that my favourite track from ELO and Penomeco ODD EP has to be LOVE because I think the track is very fresh and fun to listen to. Overall, I think ODD is such a decent EP, let us know what do you think about ODD and what’s your favourite song.

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