China Mac Yin Yang 2019

China Mac Yin Yang 2019

China Mac Yin Yang

China Mac Yin Yang.jpg

Today I would like to introduce you to another prominent Asian-American rapper, China Mac. I have reviewed MC Jin’s The Rest is History and the Korean-American rapper Ricky Lee. But again, I know that most of the perceptions of Western people are mostly signified Asian people as a white-collar worker or something relates to science. But that is not true. I do believe that music is for everyone, the most important thing in making music is being genuine to yourself.

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China Mac and MC Jin through HipHopDX

Before looking at Yin Yang EP by China Mac, I will write a short introduction of who is China Mac is. According to Next Shark and China Mac’s website, that China Mac is a Brooklyn born Chinese-American with a real name of Raymond Yu. China Mac father was part of Flying Dragons, a notorious Chinese-American gans in the 1980s. So, China Mac has part of street life since his early life. China Mac was put in jail and was in jail for 11 years, furthermore, China Mac has changed as a person, and even sat one on one with MC Jin regarding the incident here.

When the incident happened I was too young to understand the whole hip-hop thingy. And also I am from Indonesia, but I just think it was a cool, brave thing to cleared up thing for both MC Jin and China Mac, I think it was all a life lesson for everyone. But going back to the Yin Yang EP, I linked everything related to Yin Yang EP below!

The Yin Yang EP was described by his website as follows;

“The Yin” will feature fresh, experimental tracks, mirroring the rapper’s evolution while “The Yang” draws from the old-school “Boom Bap” sound — a style that provided inspiration for China Mac’s early career.

But I got to say that the EPs are both really cool, I was born in the late 90s, so listening to 90s hip-hop was not my thing, but I do listen to Tupac sometimes All Eyez On Me and Changes are my favourite. It was interesting on how China Mac is approaching the 90s hip-hop style. It’s also proofed that music relates to you without looking at your ethnicity or background. What was more interesting to me was that China Mac interpreted the whole idea as his own, and thus not taking his identity.

One of the track also featured $tupid Young, which the name might be familiar for those who read my blog for a while now. $tupid Young featured on the track called Kobe. $tupid Young is also an Asian-American rapper with Cambodian background, he also featured on VICE video here. To put it short, yes Asian-American or any Asian people do experience and have different backgrounds.

I guess, for some people including my family hip-hop music was seen as normal music, but it was more than that. I guess hip-hop music could connect to you no matter how old, what’s your race or gender is. It’s also a genre that talked freely about redemption and losing yourself at the same time and most importantly your identity. So check out Yin Yang by China Mac. Overall, I think Yin Yang are both cool EPs from the artist, so check it out.

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