Zion T May 2019

Zion T May

Zion T May

Zion T has moved to YG Entertainement’s sub-label The Black Label back in 2016, since then the singer has released OO and ZZZ as his musical career with the new label. In 2019, Zion T released the track May for his next album.

Zion T May.jpg

Another artist from YG Entertainment’s fam, Zion T is back with May as a single. 2019 has been ups and downs for YG Entertainments, thankfully the agency is filled with talented singers that always successful with their comebacks. Following the comeback of ANDA, WINNER, Blackpink, AKMU, SOMI, ZAYVO, VINCE, VIINI, Eun Ji Won and Lee Hi and the released of G-Dragon from the military service, it seems that YG Entertainment will get back on track.


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Furthermore, I just want to say that this comeback song May is really perfect for wintertime. The song May, has blues and R&B feels and it is also reported by Soompi, that Somi and Zion T is going to collaborate. I would say that I think Teddy is really successful with his venture with BLACK LABEL. But as expected, Zion T is always making good music, the song May also reminds me of Yanghwa Bridge a song that he released few years ago.

Let’s hope 2020 will be a better year for YG Entertainment, BLACK LABEL and YG Entertainment as a whole company, last but not least, congratulations for Zion T and can’t wait for the new album.

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