HyunA and DAWN Released Single At The Same Day

HyunA and DAWN Released Single At The Same Day

HyunA and DAWN Released Single At The Same Day

HyunA and DAWN released their first single after leaving their company, CUBE Entertainment last October 2018 after the dating issues. Here we are, both are now under P-Nation, where artists like Jessi and Crush are now family. HyunA finally released Flower Shower, while DAWN released MONEY.

HyunA and DAWN Released Flower Shower and Money 2019.jpg

HyunA and DAWN released single on the same day, HyunA and DAWN left their company CUBE Entertainment following the dating news. K-Pop world known for the strict rules where the artists are not able to date freely. It’s a weird rule, but it’s a must in the industries, some fans agree with it too. But, isn’t it too much?

Here we are a year later that HyunA finally released her song Flower Shower while DAWN released Money on the same day. Actually, Psy has teased the fans about it around a month ago. Psy’s production is really good, I really appreciate it as Psy letting his artists explore more about what they like, it seems that they do have freedom too.

The production of the music videos also reminds me of a lot of YG Entertainment’s MV, well VM Project Architecture is a frequent collaborator of YG Entertainment took charge of HyunA’s Flower Shower. VM Project Architecture has taken projects like BLACKPINK’s Whistle to EXO’s Love Me Right. While Han Sa Min who directed DAWN’s Money has worked with G-Dragon and Jennie’s SOLO. The aesthetics are crazy and I really love it.


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There is a line from HyunA’s Flower Shower that said: “As I bloom in vivid colours, everyone stares at me” and “I’m paving my own floral path” that could be seen as a metaphor of HyunA’s rising back. And I don’t see the reason why K-Pop artists are not allowed to date.

As for DAWN’s Money, I think he appeared differently, I would say more mature and bolder. In that being said, I think there is part of the industry that making idols or artists dressed according to the fans’ favourite, while I think YG and P-Nation letting their artists dressed a little bit freely according to their style.

Moreover, I think congratulations to both HyunA and DAWN who released single on the same day.

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