Taeyang HOT EP 2008

Taeyang HOT EP 2008

Taeyang HOT EP

Before K-Pop was huge like today, Taeyang and YG Entertainment has always has a good music. We are going to look for throwback EP called Hot by Taeyang.

Taeyang Hot EP 2008.jpg

Taeyang’s Hot is his first-ever solo EP after being debuted as Bigbang member. And again, Taeyang’s strong soulful vocal is the star of this EP. The single that became wildly popular from this EP is, Only Look At Me, it was again written by Teddy Park and produced by him. Later that you might not know that G-Dragon later releases Only Look At Me Part 2.

Yang Hyunsuk also participated on this EP as a song-writer for the track Sinner. It was actually one of my favourite songs from this EP. I was actually like Taeyang’s voice, either it’s on RISE, SOLAR, or White Knight I think Taeyang killed the vocals. Taeyang also collaborated with producer Kush, one of the producers of YG Entertainment at that time. But I think for me my favourite song got to be Only Look At Me, it was very Taeyang’s.


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G-Dragon also wrote for Taeyang’s songs for 2 tracks, the Hot intro that he wrote with Brave Brothers who seems to be Park Bom‘s collaborator these days and Baby I’m Sorry. Can’t wait for GDYB collaborations.


Taeyang’s Hot EP Playlist

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