Taeyang SOLAR 2010

Taeyang SOLAR 2010

Taeyang SOLAR

Taeyang SOLAR


Taeyang from BIGBANG is expected to go to release from the military service within days. Finally, all BIGBANG members are now going to be back to the entertainment scene in South Korea. So we are going to have a little throwback on Taeyang’s SOLAR that was released back in 2010.


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SOLAR is definitely one of the most legendary albums in South Korea, the album has many hits singles that you could still listen to it even today. This, SOLAR album is filled with a lot of romantic songs that you could find. I Need A Girl, Where U At and Wedding Dress were all getting their own videos. Was hard to love only a song here, even their B-side tracks are amazing.

From the main singles of SOLAR, I really love Wedding Dress, I think it was the most romantic song from the album, the video was so sad as well. This album was probably I could say very Ne-yo ish feels in a good way. For the B-side track, I got to say that Take it Slow is definitely my jam. I would say that this album deserved more love, but at the same time, people are comparing this album to his recent release like White Night.

But yeah, let us know what do you think about SOLAR and we are going to look forward on Taeyang’s other album too. Let us know what do you think about SOLAR album by Taeyang, and yes he is coming back.



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