Unlike in the Western music industry that every artist got to release their music at least 2 years apart, YG Entertainment known to delay the artists’ releases. But this second album by Taeyang, RISE is definitely worth a throwback pitch. RISE album was released 4 years after SOLAR was released.


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On this RISE album tracks that are known by the fans are 1AM, Eyes Nose Lips,  and Ringa Linga. On this RISE album as well, there is the popular story between Taeyang and his future-later wife, Min Hyo Rin. Eyes Nose Lips is probably one of the staple songs of romantic songs in South Korea. There have been many covers of Eyes Nose Lips, here.

Eyes, Nose, Lips

Clearly, Teddy Park once again showing everyone the reason on why he is the main producer of YG Entertainment. This RISE album has hip-hop and R&B vibes, it’s very YG vibes and I do love it. I have to say that Stay With Me the B-side track of this album is my favourite right after Eyes Nose Lips. But again, I can’t wait to see YG Entertainment going back to their best.

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