PrettyMuch Phases EP 2019

PrettyMuch Phases EP 2019

PrettyMuch Phases

prettymuch phases.jpg

To refresh everyone a little bit, I have reviewed many of K Pop and J Pop groups, from EXO, BIGBANG, BTS, BLACKPINK, WINNER and INTERSECTION from Japan I did review Q-Pop a little bit. But I don’t have that information about Western boy groups, I did a quick review here. So we are going to look at PrettyMuch’s Phases.

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I know PrettyMuch about a year ago, I would say that the formation of Pretty Much was similar to One Direction and The Wanted. Don’t want to say much, but I think people are more interested in the boy groups coming from Asian countries. The fandoms of Asian boygroups are the key to their success. Prettymuch’s may not get big attention like BTS, or EXO but surely they do have something to show. Their songs are mostly composed of R&B and pop, formation wise they do have sort of rap position they don’t do a lot of dance.

Prettymuch’s Phases is their EP in 2019, they have 6 songs which I don’t think it’s bad. The boyband was actually created by Simon Cowell, which also the creator One Direction, but I don’t think fans should be comparing. My favourite songs from Phases EP are Phases and Gone 2 Long. Let us know what is your favourite. I would totally recommend them, just in case you haven’t heard them.

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