Kyuhyun ft Gummy Serendipity 2019

Kyuhyun ft Gummy Serendipity 2019

Kyuhyun ft Gummy

Kyuhyun ft Gummy.jpg

South Korea has another song related variety show, Love at First Song (2019). I believe it’s their seventh episode, Serendipity that featured Kyuhyun and Gummy for the track Serendipity was cool enough. The track was influenced by ballad and blues feels. Gummy was known to have her strong voice for the genre.

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I believe the collaboration happened within Kyuhyun and Gummy has awakened several YG Family fans and SM Entertainment’s fans. Serendipity is all about love, and once again I really amazed at how South Korea put their music industry to the public. Previously Kyuhyun also collaborated with Song Minho for Kang’s Kitchen 3, where the fans were so excited to see more SM x YG collaboration.

Even, Gummy was not in YG Entertainment anymore, but once a family, you can’t deny the blood right? I am a YG fan, but these days I believe that good music could be from any agencies. I’m also a fan of Kyuhyun, I think he really supportive of another artist too. But to be fair, yes I do love the song, Serendipity. Overall, I would like to recommend Kyuhyun ft Gummy for you guys, the song Serendipity is perfect for your “me” time.

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