Hear Ye Him No Malice 2013

Hear Ye Him No Malice 2013

Hear Ye Him No Malice

Hear Ye Him No Malice.jpg

Hear Ye Him is an album by the rapper No Malice, his stage name was Malicious and later Malice. No Malice has been a featured artist for artists such as Lecrae, N.E.R.D, Drake and more. No Malice was recently featured on Kanye West’s Jesus is King for the track, Use this Gospel. On this Hear Ye Him album, featured artists like Pusha T and Jaeson Ma are present.


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While the album itself was supposed to be an album that talked about No Malice’s repentance or find his way from his old habits, some reviewer like Matthew Sanderson from AllHipHop is actually praising his music showing that musical preference is not changing his artistry.

You might read that in the previous posts of my, I would consider this kind of song as a praise and worship songs, but I do think that most of these are actually their confession songs, which I really thought it was cool to share their struggles. I am actually amazed at how artists like No Malice, Jackie Hill-Perry and now Kanye West are actually sharing their spiritual journey.  For me, looking at hip-hop music with all of this movement is really interesting, especially in Asian countries hip-hop is known to be a music with a lot of violence, but I do think that they do have a lot of messages.

But anyway, let us know what do you think about Hear Ye Him album. What do you think about artists are showing their spiritual journey.

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