SM Station Season 3

SM Station Season 3

SM Station Season 3 – Compilation and Review

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It was about a year ago that I put out about SM Station, as Nucksal, Beenzino and few other rappers collaborated with SM Entertainment‘s artists. In my personal opinion, it helps the company to get in touch with the fans. But I  think I mixed up within season 1 and season 2 of the SM Station series. But here we are at SM Station Season 3.

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There are 19 tracks along for SM Station Season 3, artists like MINHO from Shinee, Xiumin and D.O. from EXO, Yeri from Red Velvet participated on SM Station Season 3. I think this year few of SM Entertainment’s artists are going to military service too, so I think it was a perfect farewell gift for now.

Shinee’s Minho has a song called I’m Home that I think was super R&B inspired and he got a few rap lines, it was great. The fans definitely going to miss him a lot. And clearly, I’m Home is by far a perfect song for Minho’s and Shinee’s fans.

I mainly have 3 personal favourites from SM Station Season 3, I love D.O.’s That’s Okay, Xiumin’s You and Colde’s Loss. I personally know Colde through OFFONOFF, which they were part of HIGHGRND artist before eventually the label is now closed. I used to be a fan that strictly with YG artists, but at the same time, I think there is no boundaries for good music. For the record, I don’t have a particular favourite group, but I’m a fan of solo artists.

EXO’s D.O. also touched the fans with the song called That’s Okay. I personally SM’s style is more ballad than YG Entertainment. But based on the thing that I have read, blues, R&B actually has the influence of ballad music. This year EXO’s D.O. was enlisted as well, but he released the song That’s Okay through SM Station Season 3 platform, what a better gift for the fans right?

The other member of EXO, Xiumin which I think has the resemblance to Song Minho and G-Dragon was also enlisted. Was actually so hard to find his solo stuff, because I think he is a bit underrated. But I think thanks to the agency to release the song You. It was awesome and I do listen to the song, I think it was incredible. It was also a perfect gift for the fans. The fact that EXO has a lot of members it’s definitely hard to give each member a solo project, but subunit will do. I checked on his sub-unit, CBX.


Colde also giving the fans from the track called Loss. Colde’s Loss was more into Lauv’s style but it was a good song. I love the slowness of the song, I think it was very calming. But let me know what do you think about the whole album of SM Station Season 3. Let us know on the comment section below.

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