PKCZ ft CL 2019

PKCZ ft CL 2019

PKCZ ft CL, Cut it Up

PKCZ ft CL .jpg

Last June, PKCZ collaborated with CL for a track called Cut it Up, for me I think it was an exciting collaboration, the music video was distributed through 88rising. Interestingly, it’s one of CL most awaiting comeback as a featured artist. I personally have been a fan of  PKCZ for sometimes now.

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The reason why it is an exciting collaboration was actually the combination of Japanese, Korean and English rap. CL has not released a single song for sometimes now, it was almost more than 3 years. I feel bad for her because 2NE1 was disbanded as well. Thanks to PKCZ, keeping her busy and keeping the fans excited about what CL is doing. At the beginning of the year, CL has promised her GZB that she would like to release a piece of music out, and here we are near the end of 2019.

I know that PKCZ’s Cut it Up is probably not the cup of tea of everyone, especially for K-Pop fans who prefer a cuter image of their artist. But I would say that people should know that there are significant boundaries in K-Pop itself or even J-Pop music.

Let me know what do you think about this collaboration of PKCZ and CL on the comment section below. I personally think it is a great idea to let people know that K-Pop and J-Pop fans should not be fighting against each other.

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