Hoody Departure Album 2019

Hoody Departure Album 2019

Hoody Departure

Hoody Departure Album.jpg

Hoody’s Departure was released not too long ago. The AOMG singer amazed the fans with her angelic voice, she recently also released the music video fro Adios featuring GRAY. AOMG also released the visual video for the track Stay featuring Ugly Duck. Overall. Hoody’s album Departure got 11 tracks which I think most of it are very listenable. If you see my post earlier, Hoody is a sublime singer, she is able to write a song as well, she participated in RIRI’s song Luv Luv.


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I really love Departure album, mainly because of her calm voice that is very chilling for a stressful mindset these days. My favourite songs from this album are What Shall I Do, Adios, Good and Evil and Complex. I think Hoody signified as a female singer of AOMG, she showed another image of a strong woman with this album, as you could see from Adios video as she portrayed a female heroine. And again really appreciate Jay Park and friends for that.

Let us know what do you think about the Departure album by Hoody, what is your favourite song from this album.

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