Hey Mama! EXO CBX 2016

Hey Mama! EXO CBX

Hey Mama! EXO CBX

exo cbx hey mama!.jpg

EXO CBX First Album titled Hey Mama! was released back in 2016. I actually loved the concept. The first reason is that I think along the years most agencies tend to dress their artists in clothes that represent the artists, rather than a “costumey” clothes. Although I think Hey Mama! is a bit too cheesy.


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To all my blog reader, I have to say sorry that you see a lot of Xiumin related posts…But I do judge it fairly for all music that I put out for the blog. Hey Mama! was actually was not my favourite track from this first album. Although the members did not write their own song, which a bit disappointing, I think overall they are pretty successful by having this concept. Got to be honest, that my favourite tracks from this album are The One and Juliet. I know that this is their first album before BLOOMING DAYS and Magic.

I think their concept is totally different from EXO-SC that’s more focusing on hip-hop in general. But it’s nice to know more of the members through the sub-units because there are fewer people and you got to know more about their voice. I could say that the members are able to sing, dance and rap, I hope that they are able to write their songs in the future.

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