Which Eyes Nose Lips Version Is Your Favourite?

Which Eyes Nose Lips Version Is Your Favourite?

Which Eyes Nose Lips Version Is Your Favourite?

Eyes, Nose, Lips is a single by Taeyang that was part of Rise album back in 2014. It has several versions of covers by other artists. Which Eyes, Nose, Lips Version Is Your Favourite?

Eyes, Nose, Lips.gif

Eyes Nose Lips is a famous single by Taeyang, written by Teddy and Taeyang, Taeyang clearly the definition of women’s favourite. He proofed everyone else that love is undeniable. Taeyang wrote Eyes, Nose, Lips for his future-later wife Min Hyo Rin.


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YG Family has a cover project, which I hope they will continue, it was supposed to be like SM Station? but they did not continue with the form. Back in early 2019, when Park Bom talked about Spring on Billboard, it was revealed that she supposed to cover Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. But she made it happened on the stage Queendom, thanks to YG actually that let her release this version.

The contemporary R&B song is actually amazed all the fans around the world, so Which Eyes, Nose, Lips Version Is Your Favourite?


AKMU released their own Eyes, Nose, Lips. Lee Chan-Hyuk also displayed some of his rapping skill. It would not be YG without any rapping inside the song right? even if you are doing a folk song. I am totally in love with this Eyes, Nose, Lips version

Lydia Paek 

Lydia Paek’s version of Eyes, Nose, Lips is totally different as she sang the whole song in English. Lydia Paek is probably one of the ace cards of YG producers, totally in love with the English version as it’s more relatable for me.

Tablo of EPIK HIGH 

Tablo of EPIK HIGH also released the cover version which he included in Shoebox album. The cover version of Tablo featured Taeyang, the original singer of the song. What makes Tablo’s version different is that he added rap on this romantic song.

Park Bom

She might not be in YG Entertainment anymore, but once a family she is a family. Clearly, it’s showing why Park Bom is still one of the best vocalists in South Korea. Her angelic voice really captures the heart of the fans. Her resurgence as a solo artist in one to watch at the moment.


The singer, Ben also came up with her cover for Eyes Nose Lips. This time I don’t think there is a big difference in terms of the instrumental background of Eyes Nose Lips by Taeyang and Ben’s version. I love both versions and I really think that Ben’s voice is really pretty.

There you goy, which one of these Eyes Nose Lips is your favourite? Can’t wait to see Taeyang coming back soon from the army.

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