Jessi Drip Ft Jay Park 2019

Jessi Drip Ft Jay Park 2019

Jessi Drip Ft Jay Park

Jessi Drip ft Jay Park.jpg

Jessi Drip ft Jay Park is finally here, Jessi made her second comeback right with her new agency P Nation. Beforehand, Jessi dropped the single Who Dat B where she worked with Brian Lee, a producer behind the successful girl group like Blackpink, and Post Malone. Moreover, the AOMG’s boss Jay Park also featured in Drip which brought excitement to the fans. Jay Park’s rap adding more flame to the song drip.

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Jessi Drip Ft Jay Park 2019Both artists are known to show off their swag side, by being Asian American, I probably know how they feel different from any other South Korean born. They have more guts to do certain things that most Asians are not used to, so I believe that makes them do not fit with a certain agency. The song drip is literally dripping, Jessi also brought wayang doll for this Drip set, which reminds me back home.

I guess Jessi is getting well managed by Psy, not to mention that the P-Nation artists got a certain level of freedom I guess. Psy is really making it worth it to join P-Nation, other than Jessi, Crush has also recently created his new single with Pink Sweat, I Wanna Be Yours, he also had a mini-album called Nappa.

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