Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack | 2019

Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack | 2019

Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack


Finally, Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack is here, I love all the tracks presented by these strong women in the music industry.  In general, I would say that the album is talking about female empowerment. There is a meaning behind to be independent ladies.  Here’s the thing for Charlie’s Angels Original Soundtrack, Ariana Grande is the executive producer as it said by Variety.

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The first main title track for Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack was Don’t Call Me Angel that featured Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey. But, Charlie’s Angels Soundtracks are also featured artists like Stefflon Don, Victoria Monét, Chaka Khan and many more. It’s all girls themed album, which I think that’s the purpose of Charlie’s Angels, building the confidence in women’s mindset.  The soundtrack album might define the actual meaning or purpose of the movie, that girls should be able to do anything, they are strong, pretty and fierce. 2019 is all about showing girls are not weak creatures, they are the strongest out of all.

Personally, I really love the whole concepts of having female artists for the album, the concepts of having R&B and hip-hop into it will be added more fun towards the movie and the soundtrack as well. It was more fun if only Ariana Grande added Naomi Scott as part of the soundtrack squad.  There is this track called How I Look On You that actually highlighting the image of women in other’s perception or image.

I would say my favourite from the album is the song Got Her Own by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét, Ariana Grande is the definition of being cute and swag at the same time. Her presence in this soundtrack album really signifies the status of Ariana Grande as a true artist. Let us know what do you think about the album on the comment section below. My favourite tracks are Don’t Call Me Angels and Got Her Own, I really love when female artist is brave enough to speak her thoughts on the public.  It’s very important to be an independent woman these days!

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