AKMU’s Sailing is part of their latest comeback after brother/member of AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk completed his military service. Once again Su Hyun and Chan Hyuk surprised the fans and the public listeners.


2019 might be the difficult year for YG Entertainment, but their artists from the main agencies and subsidiaries like BLACKPINK, LEE HI, WINNER. ZAYVO, VINCE and SOMI made their comebacks. AKMU also come back with their album, SAILING it’s a bit too late but better late than never.


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This time, Chan Hyuk from AKMU just went back after his military service. SAILING offers the other side of AKMU. SAILING has more emotional songs in it, unlike previous releases that Chan Hyuk sometimes showed his rapping skills. I have to say that Su Hyun and Chan Hyuk are just amazing siblings, Su Hyun’s voice is really calming.

Obviously, the tracks in SAILING is deeper and grown-up, the track How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love is such a good song. On Sailing, AKMU is more concentrate on their roots as a folk artist, although there is some song like Whale that actually reminds me of Ed Sheeran‘s type of music.

I think YG Entertainment once again showing that their artists are still the public’s number one. AKMU topped the charts with their album SAILING, their comeback was followed by WINNER’s Cross, rumoured said that BLACKPINK is going to make another comeback before the end of 2019.

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